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On February 15, 2018, the Board of Directors voted to ask the Parkers Chapel Free Will Baptist Church in Greenville, NC, to take in Southeastern Free Will Baptist College as a ministry located on their property and operating under the care of their local church. On Sunday night, March 11, 2018, Pastor Gene Williams presented the request to the Parkers Chapel Church for their consideration.

The following information is all contingent upon the vote of the good folks of Parkers Chapel Church. In this age of rapid information transfer, we believe it unfair to pressure Parkers Chapel Church by sharing too much information, but also unfair not to keep our constituents abreast of our prayer needs. We ask for your understanding as we show respect to all who love Southeastern and Free Will Baptists.

Southeastern Free Will Baptist College is committed to continuing its 35-year tradition of training and sending workers unto the fields that are white unto harvest. We are pleased that 100% of our 2017 graduates who earned bachelor’s degrees united with Free Will Baptist ministries. We believe that the move to Parkers Chapel will help us fulfill our mission in two ways:

  • Southeastern has always maintained an understanding that the first area of service of our ministry, faculty, and students is in and through a local church. We believe that such a move will help us to better fulfill our mission by being more closely associated with a local church.
  • By moving the college to a local church, the Board of Directors believes that there will be opportunities to share facilities and personnel. This will lower the operating expenses that the college has on the current campus. Our lower student enrollment can more easily be maintained until numerical growth returns. Private college enrollment is cyclical in nature, and we expect this move to provide even greater opportunities for numerical growth.

A little over five years ago, when Rev. Jim Marcum accepted the role of president of Southeastern Free Will Baptist College at sixty-three years of age, he and the Board of Directors believed that his tenure would be approximately five to seven years. President Marcum has sensed for some time now that Southeastern’s reuniting with a vibrant local church is the preferred path for stability and growth. During the February Board of Directors meeting, President Marcum, in his vision to unite the college with a local church, shared his willingness to step down as president and serve in whatever capacity the Board of Directors viewed best. President Marcum has offered to continue maintaining a close relationship by serving as an adjunct professor in the pastoral department and traveling for the college.

In the request for the Parkers Chapel Church to receive the college, the Board of Directors also asked Pastor Gene Williams to assume the role of president of the college. This change will unite the leadership of both the church and the college. The Southeastern Board of Directors will continue providing oversight and guidance of the college and the accreditation progress will not be inhibited in any way. In Greenville, the Board of Directors also believes that there are potential faculty members who may even expedite the accreditation path.

When will this transition take place? That is a difficult question. The original plan was to sell the property, build offices and dorm buildings and move in the summer of 2019. Nevertheless, there are interesting possibilities developing in the student housing area which may allow the fall of 2018 to be the start date. We will keep you posted on these developments.

We earnestly request your prayers and support as we cautiously move through what we believe to be God’s will in our next steps.

  • Pray for the dear folks of Parkers Chapel that they may have peace about God’s will as they vote on April 1.
  • Pray that we will be able to come to an agreement with the complex across the street for our student housing.
  • Pray that we will receive approval for federal aid this Spring.
  • Pray that we will be able to bring in the right professors in our classes to move us toward accreditation as soon as possible.
  • Pray that God will give Brother Gene wisdom as he begins to lead both ministries on July 1.
  • Pray for the many details that must be worked out in this transition.
  • Pray for our Board of Directors, Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students as we are facing the months ahead.

Southeastern Spring Update

Join the many 20/20 Vision Partners who partner with Southeastern by giving monthly or annually. These special donors make a Christian education possible for many students. These students are our future pastors, missionaries and teachers. Thank you for your partnership!

Go to and join the many faithful partners who faithfully support the ministry of training our future leaders. We need your help!

Legacy Giving! As you end the year and plan for the next, you may be interested in remembering your charities in your end of life planning. We invite you to become a member of the Compass Rose Legacy Society. Join our Compass Rose Legacy Society by remembering Southeastern in your end of life planning.

 Considering College?

Your decision of where to prepare and train for the rest of your life is a big decision.  Students of Southeastern College invite you to come spend two days with them on January 18-20, 2018 GRAD DAYS.  You will arrive on Thursday afternoon and enjoy an evening activity.  Friday morning you will attend the class of your choice and have an opportunity to meet with President Marcum as well as others who will answer your questions about college.

Students and staff love the morning chapel services which are held three days a week. You will experience the great music and preaching of a Southeastern chapel service.  Friday afternoon, there will be a scavenger hunt around downtown Raleigh followed by supper and an evening activity.

Register today by going to:


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Rev. Earl Hendrix With The Lord!

Southeastern College shares our love and support for the family and church family of Earl Hendrix. This morning, Nov. 8, 2017, Rev. Earl Hendrix experienced victory as he entered the presence of the Lord! Bro. Earl was one of the founding pastors who served on Southeastern Free Will Baptist College’s first Board of Directors.

The following is a re-post of what First Free Will Baptist Church of Inman, SC expressed this morning when they announced Bro. Earl’s home-going.

It is with great sorrow, yet with much peace, we announce that our shepherd for so many years, Rev. Earl Hendrix, has gained his eternal healing. He got to meet his Savior, for which he so longed, at 2:15 this morning.

There will be a void like none other in the days ahead, but rest assured, we take comfort in the fact that he is safely in the arms of The Almighty.

Please keep his family, our church, and this community in your prayers as this is an immeasurable loss for us here on this side of Heaven.

But today, Heaven is much sweeter, and we must rejoice.

Arrangements will be announced shortly.



Friends, what we would like is for the legacy of Preacher Earl to flood Facebook, and your conversations, in the days ahead. So, please comment on this post how Preacher Earl has impacted you, where you met, funny stories, etc. We will use your comments/pictures, in some fashion, for the service.

Thank you!

Prayer Request

Pastor Sean Fortner and the congregation of First Free Will Baptist Church of Inman, SC request your prayers for Rev. Earl Hendrix as he prepares for his graduation day.  Bro. Earl has been in the hospital for the last three weeks. He was moved to the Hospice House over the weekend. He has been surrounded by family and friends as people have come to show their love and support. Sunday, the Church Choir along with the Seasoned Saints came and sang to him.

Bro. Earl Hendrix has been a friend to so many in the Lord’s work including Southeastern Free Will Baptist College. His tireless ministry will continue to be felt long after he graduates to his reward. President Jim Marcum expresses his love and appreciation for Bro. Earl Hendrix.


Our Academic Dean, Dr. Danny Baer is pleased to announce that Southeastern Free Will Baptist College continues moving toward full accreditation. Please click the read more tab to read the full story. Academic Update



Behold the Harvest

We Love Our Students

The Southeastern Partner Network prayed for laborers who would prepare and go into the harvest and God has answered their prayer with the freshmen class of 2017/18. Pictured above are pastoral students who come to us believing their calling is to preach God’s Word. These young men have already been serving the Lord and touching lives in their local churches. They now enter a more intensive phase of their ministerial preparation. Southeastern will endeavor to sharpen their understanding of scripture and infuse them with the heart of a shepherd/pastor. Their fellow students will challenge and stretch them to surrender those weaker parts of their nature to the subjection of Christ. At the close of their Bible College preparation, it is Southeastern’s desire that these young men will be humble enough and equipped enough to go out into the fields that are white unto harvest and effectively win and disciple people through the local Church of Jesus Christ.  Read more by clicking the picture above. 

Making Him Known