Missions & Education

B.D.B in Missions & Education

Prepare yourself to be able to minister and teach effectively on a mission field!

When you receive your Bachelor’s Degree in Bible with a double minor of Missions and Education you will be prepared to minister and teach on the mission field. This degree requires you to learn church planting methods and procedures, how to minister in a different culture, and teach a variety of subjects on the mission field. The professors in this course are individuals who have experience in the mission field and in the classroom.

Your Missions and Education Degree Will Teach You

  • Demonstrate practical skills within a supportive role in ministry
  • A practical knowledge of the Great Commission as an evangelistic and disciple-making command from Christ.
  • Articulate the Scriptural mandate for Christ-centered, biblically based education.
  • Be able to understand and properly minister in a different culture.

Meet Your Missions and Education Head

You will have the incredible opportunity to study with experienced and educated professionals specializing in specific areas related to your degree. You’ll be able to take classes with the program head, Russ Moots. Dr. Moots is a loved and respected professor who brings years of experience from the classroom to the classroom. 

Russ Moots

Featured Courses in this Degree

BI 203- Life & Writings of Paul

The life and letters of Paul are studied with attention given to his background, conversion, and missionary journeys. Each of his writings is studied with emphasis given to the life situation of each epistle, analysis of its contents, and development of its themes.

MI 211- Local Church Philosophy for World Missions

This course deals with the philosophy of the local church in world missions and the obligatory nature of the Great Commission upon the local church.

MI 310- Cross-Cultural Communications

This course is designed to equip prospective missionaries for life and ministry through adaptation to another culture that expresses itself in a foreign language, value system, set of religious beliefs, and way of life. This course focuses on crossing cultural barriers.

TE 308- Teaching Bible

The objectives and methods of teaching the Bible to children as well as various materials available are presented. The student will be prepared to adapt Bible doctrines and values to the various age levels.

TE 203- Christian Philosophy of Education

A presentation of the objectives, curriculum, and methodology of Christian Education. Special attention is given to comparing and contrasting the philosophies of religious and secular education.