Campus Corner Expansion

ATTENTION: Southeastern's Administration Team is pleased to announce that the Campus Corner is going to receive both a renovation and an expansion over the Christmas break. Monday, Dec. 11th, we are beginning the renovation with DEMO DAY. We need willing volunteers to help. If you are available to help, please contact Bro. Steve Berry at We plan to remove the wall between the current Campus Corner and the faculty eating area thereby expanding and doubling the size of the Campus Corner. New carpet will be installed throughout. We will paint the ceiling, repair sheetrock, install new baseboards and lights. We plan to complete the expansion and renovation by Friday, December 15th. Mr. Gaynor will be welding our new matching furniture. Mark Cash and Bro. Steve will be completing the woodwork on the new tables and chairs. The tables and chairs will be installed during the next semester. Your faculty and staff hope you will like your new Campus Corner.

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