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The question of the significance of TRACS candidate status for Southeastern is one that Dr. Danny Baer has been asked numerous times during Southeastern’s journey to accreditation. As an honest steward, Dr. Baer has been careful not to overstate the significance of candidate status for accreditation. He knew that there would be certain benefits of candidate status, but he did not know how many benefits or how long the benefits would take to manifest themselves.

Now, with great excitement, Dr. Danny Baer would like to inform the Southeastern family of students and alumni that Southeastern and its alumni are beginning to experience the dividends of candidate status for accreditation by TRACS. At this point, three of our graduates have informed us that they have been accepted into graduate school. Heath Ferguson (2000) and Ashley Baines McNeese (2011) have been accepted into the graduate program at Liberty University. Deanna Brown Williams  (1996) was accepted into the graduate program at Pensacola Christian College.

Shortly after the news of candidate status broke, Jeremy Caraballo (2011) scheduled an appointment with Ms. Gaynor to have his transcripts sent to the Army to make application for a promotion. Last week, Jeremy Caraballo received some exciting news from the Army. Below is Jeremy’s note to Ms. Gaynor and an official copy of his recognition of qualification for promotion by the North Carolina National Guard.

Mrs. Gaynor,

Thank you for being so quick to respond regarding the transcript.  Army Education Services recognized my degree from Southeastern and is now going to award me the points I am entitled to for the promotion board!  It also means that a graduate from SFWBC can now commission as an officer in the Armed services or enlist as an E-4 instead of E-1.  Attached is the memo from the Education Office stating official reception. If Southeastern wants to use this letter for promotional purposes it can do so, as I have redacted my SSN from it.   

 Jeremy Caraballo






Southeastern Free Will Baptist College is excited to announce the beginning of its 34th year of ministry.  

Currently, 92 students are enrolled for the Fall with 31 being new students. The College anticipates a wonderful year on campus as our students return from five different foreign mission fields this summer (China, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Philippines). Their dedication and spiritual focus will set the tone for the on-campus atmosphere to be one of absolute surrender to God and His will.

The College is pleased to announce Hemant Patel has joined The College faculty to teach missions.  Mr. Patel is an alumnus of Southeastern (1990) as well as a veteran missionary pastor to India planting multiple churches and a seminary to train pastors and Christian workers.

You may find the new edition of the college newsletter at https://www.sfwbc.edu/standard/   

A special thank you to all of our partners who are praying for and sharing with this ministry of “Sending Servants.”