Southeastern Free Will Baptist College has had a long-standing relationship with TRACS which actually began in the 1990’s when the possibility of accreditation was explored. In 2006 Southeastern made application to TRACS and the Academic Dean, Dr. Danny Baer, attended many TRACS conference, spoke in seminars at some of those conferences, and took the evaluation team training. He served on the evaluation for two colleges. After our application in 2006 approval was given to begin our self-study. However, it became apparent that there were not enough resources to see the process through to completion.

In 2015 the college made contact with TRACS regarding the intent to again make application. Contact was made by Dr. Baer to Dr. Tanmay Pramanik and Dr. Tim Eaton. Dr. Baer met with Dr. Eaton in the summer of 2015 and talked with Dr. Pramanik over the phone in the fall.

Work began immediately on the application. Four members of the Administration including the President, Mr. Jim Marcum; the Academic Dean, Dr. Danny Baer; the Registrar, Mr. Marc Hollomon; and the Business Manager, Mrs. Vicky Morris attended the TRACS National Convention in Dallas in October. Those four individuals then formed the Accreditation Committee which began meeting weekly.

On April 15th the TRACS Application and supporting material was mailed to TRACS followed by an email to Dr. Eaton and Dr. Pramanik. This was, in turn, followed by a phone call by Dr. Pramanik.

On June 16th an email was received from Dr. Pramanik with seven items that were to be addressed from the Application Review Committee (ARC).

On September 15th a response was emailed to Dr. Pramanik addressing each of the seven items identified by the ARC.

On September 27th an email was received from Dr. Pramanik with approval of our application and permission to submit the Self-Study Proposal.

The Self-Study Proposal was submitted on September 29th. Subsequent emails and a phone call resulted in the scheduling of the TRACS Staff Visit on October 6th with Dr. Pramanik.

The TRACS Staff Visit with Dr. Pramanik resulted in the scheduling of the TRACS Evaluation Team Visit for November 28, 2017 and the deadline for submission of the Self-Study for October 24th.