Standard 10.3

Standard 10.3


10.3 Board approves the mission (purpose), philosophy of education, institutional objectives, biblical foundation statements, and all institutional policies. (Board Approval)

a. The policy includes the annual assessment of the Biblical Foundations Statement and means by which it can be revised.


The Board of Directors approves the mission and purposes, philosophy of education, Institutional objectives, Biblical Foundations Statement, and all Institutional policies. The Bylaws (Section 4.07) of the Institution require that the Board of Directors sign the Statement of Faith annually. The Statement of Faith is part of the Bylaws which contains a revision clause.


Exhibit: Board of Director Minutes 2010-05-03

Exhibit: Board of Director Minutes 2015-11-05

Appendix A: Bylaws, p. 5

Appendix E: Board Manual 2016, pp. 7-9, 13-14, 22