Standard 10.9

Standard 10.9


10.9 Policies are adopted for the evaluation of all employees.


Current written job descriptions are maintained for all positions. As provided in the Comprehensive Assessment Plan, the college will begin conducting regular evaluations of all employees based on the written job descriptions and employment practices of the college. These evaluations are conducted by supervisory personnel under the direction of the President. The performance of the President is evaluated regularly by the Board of Directors.

The Comprehensive Assessment Plan provides that faculty members are assessed on several factors such as self-evaluation, professional development, student evaluation of instruction, evaluation of course syllabi, and classroom evaluation. All full-time faculty have an end-of-the year interview with the Academic Dean.

The general employee evaluation schedule is outlined in the following table:

Employee Category/





(Board Manual)

Job Description and

Presidential Evaluation Survey

Spring Board of

Director’s Meeting

Board of Directors
Administration Job Description June President
Professors Job Description

Course Evaluations

Selected Syllabi

May Academic Dean
Full-time Staff Job Description May-June Direct Supervisor
Part-time Staff Job Description Rotating Direct Supervisor


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