Standard 11.1

Standard 11.1


11.1 Institution has at least one academic program at the diploma, certificate, bachelor, masters, and/or doctoral level (based on at least 60 semester credit hours or equivalent at the associate level; at least 120 semester credit hours or the equivalent at the bachelor level, or at least 30 semester credit hours or the equivalent at the graduate or professional level).


The Institution has multiple academic programs at the certificate and bachelor level. These programs are based on at least 65 semester credit hours for the certificate; at least 97 semester hours for the three-year Bible degree; and at least 128 semester credit hours at the bachelor level.

The Institution offers the following Degrees:

Bachelor Degree in Bible

Bachelor Degree in Christian Education

Bachelor Degree in Church Music

Bachelor Degree in Religious Arts

Three Year Degree in Biblical Studies

Christian School of Business Diploma


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