Standard 11.13

Standard 11.13


11.13 Institution’s definition of a credit hour follows TRACS’ definition (See Policies and Procedures Manual) unless it is able to document that its definition is equivalent (regardless of method or format of delivery).

a. Manner in which credit hours are assigned to courses is determined by qualified faculty.

b. Definition includes all formats in which students earn credits, e.g., laboratory work, practical, studio work, or asynchronous distance education.

c. Institution provides a justification for all degrees which include fewer than the required number of semester credit hours or its equivalent.


The Institution has informally followed the norm in the definition of a credit hour. A two semester credit hour course meets two 50-minute sessions per week for the semester, and a three semester credit hour course meets three 50-minute sessions per week.

Department chairmen recommend or approve the appropriate number of credit hours for a course and changes are requested using the Curriculum Change Request Form. Any recommendation then goes to the Academic Committee for approval.

The Institution does not have any degrees that include fewer than the required number of semester credit hours or their equivalent.


Appendix B:  Credit Hour Definition, Catalog 2016-2017, p. 22

Exhibit: Curriculum Change Request Form