Standard 11.14

Standard 11.14


11.14 Institution demonstrates that students use information resources and technology as an integral part of their education, attaining levels of proficiency appropriate to their degree and program or professional field of study.


The Institution strongly believes that information resources and use of technology are fundamental to student success in higher education. To this end, the Institution provides several avenues for students to engage in information literacy. All students who earn a bachelor degree from the Institution will have successfully demonstrated competency through testing or completed the course BU 232 Computers in the Classroom or BU 230 Computers in the Ministry. Students have access to 15 public computers as well as Wi-Fi across campus for their personal computers.

Through the use of Populi, students have to have knowledge of the computer and its applications. Instructors are encouraged to include research assignments in their courses that would require the use of electronic and printed research resources. The course syllabus reflects the research assignments.


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