Standard 11.6

Standard 11.6


11.6 Clearly defined student learning outcomes are established at the course, program, and institutional level and reflected in all aspects of academic and support services.


Student learning outcomes are presented as objectives at the course, program, and Institutional level. The Course Syllabi Requirements in the Faculty Handbook specify that objectives be written for each course and included in the syllabus given to the student at the beginning of the semester.

The Catalog lists specific program aims for each program of study offered. These program aims include the specific competencies that the student will be expected to develop. These program aims are reviewed periodically by the faculty.

Institutional objectives are more general in nature and require further development. They will be based on the Strategic Goals and Objectives found in the Strategic Long Range Plan. The Institutional Goals and Objectives are:


Southeastern Free Will Baptist College is committed to fulfilling its mission and achieving its Vision of by accomplishing strategic initiatives in the areas of:

1. Academics

2. Development

3. Student Life

4. Resources

5. People


Goal 1: Ensure and Support Academic Excellence through instructional outcomes delivered by a qualified Christian Faculty.

Objective 1: To provide educational programs that equip students with both the knowledge and skills to be productive workers in local church ministries.

Objective 2: To hire and retain faculty who agree with the mission of the college, are dedicated to the cause of Christ and have accredited degrees in their teaching field.

Objective 3: To support the educational programs with library resources that are both actual and virtual.


Goal 2: Optimize Financial Support by utilizing our resources to establish and maintain strong relationships and to forge strategic partnerships.

Objective 1: To locate, inform, and fully inspire prospective students and parents of the continuing call of God upon the lives of young people.

Objective 2: Generate necessary monies needed to fulfill the mission of the College:

Objective 3: To promote positive public relations to enhance the College’s ability to form and maintain strong partnerships with all of our constituents utilizing:


Goal 3: Encourage the strengthening and deepening of our students’ Christian community and spiritual formation by modeling our core values.

Objective 1: All college programs encourage maintenance and development of Spiritual Life

Objective 2: The student’s commitment to the local church and the community is strengthened.

Objective 3: Develop a program of student activities which encourages student involvement, student unity and leadership development.

Objective 4: The College provides a dorm life that is conducive to reasonable comfort and spiritual maturity (Dorms):

Objective 5: The College provides food services that meet the dietary needs of students and employees:

Objective 6: The College effectively operates the Campus Corner to provide class books and syllabi in addition to an alternative student area to relax, study and/or socialize.

Objective 7: Strive to improve retention rate:


Goal 4: Exercise good stewardship over the resources of the College such that it is able to accomplish its mission and vision effectively and efficiently.

Objective 1: We will demonstrate Stewardship through fiscal responsibility in all aspects of the College.

Objective 2: We will strive to develop and maintain effective and efficient technology for students, faculty and staff.

Objective 3: We will strive to provide quality facilities that meet the current and future needs of our students and employees.


Goal 5: Recruit and retain qualified employees who are born-again believers, passionate about the cause of Christ and believing in the mission and vision of Southeastern.

Objective 1: Employees are recognized as vital to the College.

The Library supports the learning outcomes as reflected in the Library’s Mission and Objectives to “support the faculty and programs of Southeastern by providing adequate and appropriate materials, services, and facilities.” There is significant support for student academic achievement through various student services.


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