Standard 12.11

Standard 12.11


12.11 Institution verifies the identity of students enrolled in any courses offered through alternative delivery methods.

a. Institution uses a method of verifying the identity of students which reasonably assures that the student is the same person who registered for the course. (Among the most common methods are a secure login and password for electronic access and proctored examinations.)

b. Institution provides students with a written rationale for the method or methods it employs.

c. Students are notified of any charge related to the method of verification, at the time of registration or enrollment.


In order to access online courses, students receive their log-in information for (Populi), the course management system, from the Information Technology Department (IT) College Office after being admitted to the Institution.  This ensures that the student has exclusive access to their online records and courses. Computer services information is included in the Student Handbook.

The Institution does not charge for any method of verification at the time of registration or enrollment.


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