Standard 12.17

Standard 12.17


12.17 Library and Learning Resources are available for all students adequate for the level of program offered.


During the Fall and Spring semesters, the majority of students who take online classes are on-campus. Ample library hours assure students of access to the campus library. Our institution’s local patrons have full guest privileges to the printed and electronic materials and both traditional and online service at Southeastern Theological Baptist Seminary Library as stated on their website ( service/guests.aspx). Their campus is only 17 miles from our campus. In addition, all Wake County Libraries are at our student’s disposal free of charge ($25.00 fee is waived) with a picture ID and proof of campus address.

Students who are not on-campus do not have access to the college Library.


Exhibit: Schedule of Posted Hours

Appendix K: Library Handbook 2016-2017 

Exhibit: User Services, Southeastern Theological Baptist Seminary website, services/guests.aspx

Plan of Action:

By the beginning of 2017 Spring Semester Southeastern plans to utilize the Library Module of the Populi College Management System so that local and online students will be able to view and request available resources via the Populi website.

By the beginning of 2017 Spring Semester a policy will be included in the Library Manual which will guide online students to secure printed materials through Populi that will be mailed to the student with the stipulation that the student is responsible for the return postage.