Standard 12.7

Standard 12.7


12.7 Faculty who receive appropriate training and are routinely evaluated to ensure effectiveness.


Online faculty are evaluated in the same manner as on-campus faculty. Student evaluations of faculty occurs at the end of each semester utilizing the class evaluation system in the school management program, Populi. Formal Faculty evaluations have been developed and scheduled. The schedule and procedure is located in the Comprehensive Assessment Plan as follows:

Faculty Evaluation

Purpose: The faculty evaluation program is to improve the quality of instruction. Evaluation results may be used when considering faculty for rehire or advancement, but should not constitute the sole determining factor. The administration reserves the right to sit in on any classroom session for the purpose of evaluation. Other factors could include service to the institution, involvement in professional organizations, and progressive scholarship. Methods of evaluation are as follows:

1. Personal Evaluations: This evaluation will be done by the instructors in conjunction with the preparation or revision of the courses to improve their own teaching performances.

2. Student Evaluations: Student evaluations will be done in all the courses the instructor teaches. Evaluation forms will be distributed to the students to be collected and analyzed for future improvement. Frequency distributions and group means will be compared across the faculty, as well as individual item analysis.

3. Syllabus Analysis: The Academic Committee in cooperation with the Academic Dean will review a sample of each instructor’s course syllabus to insure that proper attention has been given to meeting published syllabus requirements (see Curriculum and Instruction Committee).

4. Classroom Performance:

i. The Academic Dean or the department chair will visit a class taught by the instructor at a prearranged time to evaluate classroom performance.

ii. A final consultation with the Academic Dean and the department chair will be held to formulate goals for implementing a positive plan to improve instruction.

Faculty Evaluation Schedule

1. New faculty members will be evaluated in the second and third semesters of their employment.

2. Other faculty members will be evaluated every other year.

This evaluation will take place normally sometime after the middle of the semester.


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