Standard 12.8

Standard 12.8


12.8 The Faculty is actively involved in the evaluation and oversight to ensure both the rigor of the programs and the quality of instruction.


Faculty with appropriate credentials in that discipline are relied upon heavily for their professional expertise and judgment in curricular development.  Documentation of the credentials for the faculty is available in the personnel files located in the office of the Academic Dean and also presented in the Catalog.  The Comprehensive Assessment Plan describes the annual curriculum review process.  Each department is reviewed on a three-year cycle.  The review begins in each program and flows upward to the Academic Committee.  If needed, any recommendations go to the Board of Directors for review and approval.  This process is outlined in the Comprehensive Assessment Plan.  The review includes curricular development, course modification, and assessment.


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Exhibit:  Personnel Files, Office of Academic Dean

Exhibit:  Curriculum Change Request Form

Exhibit:  Sample Curriculum Change Requests