Standard 15.1

Standard 15.1


15.1 Employs at least one full-time, contracted, academically and spiritually qualified faculty for each major/program offered, including general education (for undergraduates only), to teach and provide related duties, such as advising and curricular oversight needed for the institution to fulfill its mission.


The Institution employs at least one full-time faculty member for each program offered. Prospective faculty members are carefully screened and selected on the basis of spiritual criteria as well as academic degrees and experience as stated in the full-time faculty job description included in the Faculty Handbook.

Each Faculty member is required to sign a Faculty and Staff Doctrinal Statement Agreement Form and to indicate that he or she agrees with the Doctrinal Statement with or without considerations.

Some faculty are academically qualified as specified in the Instructional Staff Listings. No faculty member is contracted.

Most faculty members serve as student academic advisors and develop curriculum as reflected in the Faculty Handbook. A chart of degrees, program chairs, and advisors is listed below:

Bible Ronald Davis Ronald Davis/ Tim Gaynor/ Jim Marcum
Christian Education Dr. Russ Moots Dr. Russ Moots/Marc Holloman/ Dr. Michael Paramore/Donald J. Pendley
Sacred Music Susan Denton Susan Denton
Religious Arts Marc Holloman Marc Holloman
Business Victoria Morris Victoria Morris/Dr. Daniel Baer
General Education Donald J. Pendley Donald J. Pendley/Marc Holloman


Exhibit: Programs of Study and Faculty

Exhibit: Faculty and Staff Doctrinal Statement Agreement Form

Exhibit: Faculty Employee Files, College Office

Appendix D: Statement of Faith, Faculty Handbook 2016-2017, p. 7

Appendix D: Professor Job Description, Faculty Handbook 2016-2017, p. 27

Appendix D: Faculty Advising, Faculty Handbook 2016-2017, p. 19

Appendix H: Instructional Staff Listings (2016-2017)

Plan of Action:

Contracts have been developed for full and part-time (adjunct) faculty. We plan to have these approved by the Board of Directors and offer those approved contracts to all full and adjunct faculty.

Not all faculty are academically qualified as specified in the Instructional Staff Listings. However, in the ten years since we last applied to TRACS efforts have been made to ensure that all classes are taught by academically qualified staff. During that time period two full-time and one adjunct faculty have earned Master’s degrees from accredited colleges and one full-time faculty earned a Ph.D. We have also hired one full-time and one adjunct with Masters degrees from Accredited colleges. In addition, one of our full-time and two of our adjuncts are seeking Masters degrees in their respective disciplines from accredited colleges and one of our full-time is seeking a Ph.D. degree in his discipline from an accredited college. These degrees are scheduled to be complete in the next two to three years.

We have identified the major areas of need and are working toward a plan to fill in some of the gaps of classes not covered by qualified faculty. One way we plan to do this is to direct present faculty who hold graduate degrees to pursue either additional graduate classes or seek advanced degrees in their teaching disciplines. We are also considering hiring new faculty. In fact, next year we will have one full-time professor retire and we in the planning stage of choosing his replacement in order to satisfy our needs.

This area is a high priority which will include a great deal of wisdom, finances and commitment. This well could be our greatest challenge in becoming accredited.