Standard 15.2

Standard 15.2


15.2 Maintains a sufficient number of faculty members who support the mission of the institution, perform all required faculty responsibilities, including the development and review of curriculum, and ensure the quality and integrity of its academic programs, and fulfill their role in governance.  (Role in Development of Curriculum and Governance)

a. Places primary responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of the curriculum with its faculty.


The Institution emphasizes the importance of effective teaching as a vital part of accomplishing its educational objectives.  The Institution employs 8 full-time and 11 part-time faculty members who support the mission and purposes of the Institution.  Procedures for evaluation of professors are performed in light of the Institution’s purpose statements and outlined in the Faculty Handbook.  The faculty has considerable input into the curriculum development processes of the Institution through as shown in the Faculty Handbook.  Under the oversight of each department chairman, faculty has full discretion in the curriculum development process within the parameters of the mission statement and guided by the statement of faith.  The departments evaluate curriculum and programs, and the chairman sends proposals for changes to the Academic Committee and Academic Dean. The proposals then are submitted to the Board of Directors for a vote.


Exhibit:  Programs of Study and Faculty

Appendix D: Purpose Statement, Faculty Handbook 2016-2017, p. 5

Appendix D: Faculty Evaluation, Faculty Handbook 2016-2017, p. 25

Appendix D: Program Evaluations and Assessment, Faculty Handbook 2016-2017, p. 26

Plan of Action:

Faculty Evaluation and Program Evaluation procedures have been established and approved by the Board of Directors. Implementation of these procedures will commence in this school year.