Standard 15.8

Standard 15.8


15.8 Provides its faculty with continuing opportunities for professional and spiritual development for the growth of faculty as teachers, scholars, and practitioners. (Faculty Development)


A Professional Development Policy has been incorporated into the Faculty Handbook. Professional development has been encouraged and facilitated. The Institution provides Professional Development Seminars during the in-service week before the Fall semester. Many of our professors attend a Christian School Convention each fall. Some of our professors attend the TRACS Annual Conference in the fall (four in 2016 and three in 2017). This fall (9-7-16), our Business Manager, Mrs. Vicky Morris, led a Team Building Exercise in our Staff Meeting utilizing the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) that is to continue through the semester. The Institution provides tuition assistance to faculty seeking advanced degrees.

There are high expectations for faculty in regards to their spiritual life and development. The following is an excerpt from the Faculty Handbook:

Christian Service

Classroom teaching only fulfills half of the Great Commission. The professor is as responsible for reaching the lost as he is for teaching the saved. What a professor does beyond the classroom helps determine his effectiveness in the classroom. This is true for two basic reasons.

First, a professor cannot teach from a heart of compassion unless he makes it a practice to stay in contact with lost souls that God can break his heart over. Jesus saw the multitudes and had compassion. He was among them. He maintained a personal contact with the multitudes, and out of this grew a heart of compassion. We weep and pray over souls we have personally witnessed to and pled with about their eternal souls. Compassion for mankind in general is developed out of a compassion for individual souls.

Secondly, students do not take seriously the teaching of a teacher who says and does not. They quickly detect hypocrisy. They soon detect that the professor lives in an ivory tower and has lost his compassion for the perishing souls of men.

So, it is imperative that all professors at SFWBC be involved in some type of outreach ministry of a local church. Below are some things required by the administration here at SFWBC which we pray will help each professor maintain a warm and compassionate heart.

1. All faculty members will be expected to be members of and faithfully attend a local Free Will Baptist Church that is a cooperating church of the college. (The only exception to this rule would be if the college hired a professor who is a member of another denomination and has approval from the President to attend that denominational church.)

2. All faculty members will be expected to be actively involved in the ministry of the church they attend. This includes Sunday School, morning worship, Sunday evening services, and Wednesday night prayer meeting.

3. All faculty members will be expected to be actively involved in the soul-winning ministry of the church they attend.


Exhibit: Staff Meeting Minutes 9-7-16

Exhibit: MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) survey.

Exhibit: Inservice Schedule 2016

Exhibit: North Carolina Annual Christian School Convention

Exhibit: TRACS Annual Conference Workshop Schedule

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Appendix D: Christian Service, Faculty Handbook 2016-2017, p. 16