Standard 16.1

Standard 16.1


16.1 An array of student services programs are offered which are appropriate to its mission and objectives and address the needs of its students regardless of location or the mode of delivery of educational programs.


As an Institution grounded in service to Christ and service to others, student development is a concern of all employees. For organizational purposes, a Director of Student Life and Dean of Students are responsible to stay acutely aware of the needs of the student body. All the basic services expected for an institution of this size are provided. These services include, but are not limited to, cafeteria, communications, book store, campus corner, student game-room, society athletics, leadership training, illnesses and personal emergency procedures, student-led ministries, Student Government and Chapel services.


Appendix C:  Student Handbook 2016-2017

Cafeteria – p. 12

Communications – p. 18

Bookstore, campus corner, student game room – p. 45

Illness and Emergency- p. 36

Society athletics- p. 44

Student Led Ministries- p. 44

Student Government- p. 45