Standard 16.5

Standard 16.5


16.5 Opportunities are provided for the spiritual development of students through a foundation in Scripture.


Chapel is required of every student three days each week (depending on their class and work schedule). Students are required to attend a likeminded church in the area and become involved in a specific ministry of that church and actively participate in soul-winning efforts. All students of Southeastern are required to participate in the evangelistic outreach of the local church they choose to attend. Prayer groups are required for dorm students and available to off campus students in which the student will report on his/her ministry activities for the week to their prayer captain. Students also have the opportunity to participate voluntarily in World Mission Fellowship which meets once each month. This organization adopts a foreign or home missionary each semester and prays for, sends financial support to, and sends cards and e-mails of encouragement. This institution also provides opportunities for spiritual development through its fall Revival, Missions Conference, Missions Retreat, and Spring Preaching Conference. These events are published in our quarterly publication “The Standard,” our on-line school calendar, and through specific announcements by our promotional department.

Each summer the Institution sponsors mission trips to different locations both at home and abroad. Ministerial students have opportunities to preach on weekends in the area churches. Internships are available to Christian Ministry students as a part of the academic program of the Institution.

Students also have the opportunity to become a part of the colleges choir and ensemble which travel to various churches.


Exhibit:  Missions Conference Flyer, 2015

Exhibit:  Missions Conference Flyer, 2016

Exhibit:  Spring Conference Flyer, 2015

Exhibit:  Spring Conference Flyer, 2015

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Exhibit:  The Standard, Fall 2015, pp. 6-8


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