Standard 16.6

Standard 16.6


16.6 Opportunities are provided for student leadership and participation in campus organizations and governance, as appropriate.


Students are required to participate with their designated class in the election of officers, and deciding issues pertinent to the class. There is also the opportunity for students to participate Student Body, World Mission Fellowship, societies as well as the Student Government Organization.

Students are asked to identify their level of interest in the Institution’s Student Government Organization. Students interested in participating in Student Government appoint other students from various classes to serve as their representative. The Student Government Organization is under the direction of the Director of Student Life and meets monthly to discuss issues relating to student affairs.

The Student Government Organization strives to promote and uphold the biblical foundations, standards, and guidelines upon which the Institution was founded and provides an organization whereby student leaders may be taught leadership principles and responsibilities.

The Director of Student Life maintains close contact with the students to monitor their feelings, needs, and goals and addresses any concerns with the Dean of Students. In addition, students have the opportunity to voice matters of importance and provide input through said Organization. The Student Government Organization operates according to the Student Government Policies and Procedures Manual.

Students also have opportunity to serve as Prayer Captains in their respective dorms. Each year the Dean of Men and Women make recommendations to the Dean of Students and the Director of Student Life of students under their care, who exemplify the qualities conducive to our overall mission.

All students holding offices of leadership are required to attend two leadership conferences held each year.


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