Standard 17.5

Standard 17.5


17.5 Institution evidences that the finances will continue to support the current programs.

a. Institution uses a Board-approved budget which incorporates input from grassroots personnel, gives priority to learning experience needs, and is driven by the priorities of the long-range Strategic Plan.

b. Current and long-range financial plans reflect positive cash flows and positive budget outcomes and are realistic.


Input for the annual budget is solicited from department heads which are responsible for gathering information from their areas relative to goals and objectives for each fiscal year. With the implementation of our Strategic Long Range Plan (SLRP), the College budget process is being linked with the assessment process and the strategic business planning process. The SLRP sets direction and priorities for the budget. Currently a proposed budget is presented to the Board at its regular spring meeting for preliminary approval. The Administration of the Institution submits a final proposed budget to the Board at its fall meeting for final approval.

The annual budget and the financial plan of the SLRP reflect a positive cash flow. The budgets are realistic; they are based on historical trends, current program offerings, and fund-raising efforts.


Exhibit: 2016 Budget (2016/17)

Exhibit: 5 Year Plan 

Exhibit: Board of Directors Meeting 2016 April 14

Exhibit: 2015 Budget (2015/16)

Appendix G: Strategic Long Range Plan