Standard 19.11

Standard 19.11


19.11 Institution regularly evaluates its effectiveness in admitting and retaining students and the appropriateness and effectiveness of its student services to meet the institutional mission.

a. Information obtained through the evaluation is used to improve achievement of student services programs goals.


The Office of the Registrar operates on an admissions policy that outlines the way a prospective student may be admitted to the Institution and how each application is to be processed. All of the admission process can now be completed electronically. The Office of the Registrar also has well-developed procedures for student progression that track each applicant individually as he/she completes the process of enrollment. The Office of the Registrar staff regularly reviews the status of each applicant.

The Office of Student Life at Southeastern exists to strengthen and broaden the experience of students who are challenged to demonstrate excellence by the Institution’s core values. These experiences are reviewed, surveyed, and examined each year to insure that students are in fact being strengthened and that the Institution’s Student Services meet the desired outcome of students demonstrating core values.

There are a number of key areas in which Student Services fulfill these goals, but seven are particularly important: housing, amenities, activities, chapel, Student Government, facilities/ground, prayer groups.


The 2016 Student Services Questionnaire revealed the following:

Q26 – “There needs to be more student activities on the schedule.”

This was answered in the affirmative by 78.5% of the student body. This was addressed by adding more activities to the schedule to be directed by the Student Life Office.

Q12 – “The supper meals are good quality.” This was answered negatively by 37.8%. This seems too high and was addressed by the College Dietician inserting more control over the choice of meals and cooking process (training and instructions).

*In relation to the changes in the cafeteria, most of that was addressed through exit interviews with our seniors. Providing more healthy choices in the cafeteria was a request made by 75% of the exiting seniors. These results led to changes in the type of food and availability of more healthy alternatives being served in the cafeteria.

Q15 – The Campus Corner needs to be open more.” This was answered in the affirmative by 75.4% of the student body. The was addressed by changing the schedule of when the Campus Corner would be open and funding it, if necessary, through the Student Life Office.

Evidence of Student Life being a positive indicator to the sustaining and growing of core values:

Q16. “The Campus Corner is helpful in meeting my needs.” 98.1% agreed.

Q28. “The Library hours are adequate to meet my needs.” 94.1% agreed.

Q31. “Southeastern provides an atmosphere for spiritual growth.” 98.1% agreed.

Q32. “I have my personal devotions five or more times a week.” 82.3% agreed.

Q35. “Chapel is an important part of my training at Southeastern.” 90.2% agreed.

Q38. “Prayer Groups are beneficial to my spiritual life at Southeastern.” 78% agreed.


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