Standard 19.15

Standard 19.15


19.15 Institution regularly evaluates the adequacy of its library materials and learning resources.


The librarian works closely with the faculty in asking for their input by conducting informal faculty evaluation of library collections, utilizing course syllabi bibliographies for resource recommendations, and evaluating print and electronic periodicals/databases. Additional assessment is done with evaluation of circulation statistics and database usage. Faculty is currently involved in the collection review process of their specific discipline. They identify resources that meet the criteria for withdrawal and areas that need development and familiarize themselves with the collection in their discipline.

The major assessment tool for student satisfaction of the library resources and services are the Student Survey. Each spring during Assessment Day/Week, the Student Survey is administered to all students. The Student Survey contains four questions that ask the students to rate their satisfaction/agreement with the library and its services and resources.

Questions # 27:  Rate your use of the Library on a regular basis.

Question # 28: The Library hours are adequate to meet my needs.

Question # 29: Library materials are adequate to support my education.

Question # 30: The Library materials are well organized for speedy access.


Exhibit: Student Services Survey 2016, (questions #27-30)