Standard 19.3

Standard 19.3


19.3 Assessment Plan provides a procedure for evaluating, revising, and approving all institutional publications.


All publications are evaluated, revised, and updated on a regular basis. The primary publication is the Catalog, which is revised and updated annually under the leadership of the Academic Dean. Prior to inclusion in the Catalog, the faculty, administration, and Board through the use of the Curriculum Change Request Form must approve all curriculum changes. The Student Handbook is revised and updated each year by the Dean of Students and other employees involved in student affairs.

The Board of Directors has the final authority for policies published in the Catalog and the handbooks of the Institution. In order to allow a reasonable time for review and questions, members of the Board of Directors will be provided the proposed Catalog or handbook at least one week prior to any vote for its approval. The existing publications remain in force until new publications are approved by the Board.


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