Standard 19.5

Standard 19.5


19.5 Institution provides a systematic evaluation of whether the student learning and program outcomes are appropriate to its educational mission.


The college has an Comprehensive Assessment Plan that will provide this systematic evaluation, but it has not been fully implemented at this time. According to the plan, department chairs will review their program aims and objectives (purpose) in light of the college’s mission and purpose on a regular basis. Each Department Chair is responsible for comparing respective program requirements to similar institutions in cycle of review that will occur every three years. At this time, the Academic Dean is working with the faculty to correctly write class learning outcomes that are tied to an assessment and are tied to the overall Program objectives. This is a work in progress, especially for our non-educationally degreed faculty. Students are involved in the evaluation of courses and programs by participating in a course evaluation at the end of the each course. Certain groups of students will participate in their Program’s Focus Group during Assessment Day/Week held each spring. The feedback will be reviewed by the Assessment Committee, the faculty of the appropriate department, the administration, and the instructor(s). Course content and degree requirements will be reviewed periodically by the appropriate committee. Faculty are expected to be an integral part of the curriculum review process.


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