Standard 2: B. Purpose and Objectives

Standard 2: B. Purpose and Objectives


The institution’s mission is appropriate to Christian higher education, consistent with its charter or other operating authority, and implemented in a manner that complies with TRACS Standards. The institution’s mission gives direction to its activities and provides a basis for the assessment and enhancement of the institution’s effectiveness.

The mission sets forth the specific educational role of the institution with regard to its intended audience. Educational goals and objectives are formulated which are consistent with the institution’s Christian philosophy of education, its TRACS approved academic level (national norms), and its Biblical Foundations Statement.

Educational programs and all other operations are clearly related to the purpose of the institution. Specific objectives are adopted to enable the institution to carry out its stated mission. The name of the institution is accurate, descriptive, and appropriate for its stated purpose. The use of “institute,” “college,” “university,” “seminary,” “theological school,” “graduate school,” et al., is in keeping with the general and national use of such nomenclature (and appropriate to the programs approved by TRACS) in order to enable a consumer to correctly understand the scope and nature of the institution.

Standards and Evaluative Criteria