Standard 20: I. Institutional Research and Planning

Standard 20: I. Institutional Research and Planning


The institution conducts sustained, evidence-based, and participatory discussions regarding how to effectively accomplish its mission and educational objectives. These activities form the foundation for both institutional planning and the systematic evaluation of institutional effectiveness. The results of this institutional inquiry, research, and data collection are used to establish priorities at all levels of the institution and to direct the short-term and long-term planning processes.

The institution’s planning process is all-inclusive in nature and leads to the development of a comprehensive institutional Strategic Plan. Such a plan will normally address educational programs, student enrollment, staffing projections, finances, facilities, equipment, policies and procedures for operation.

The strategic planning process includes both short-range (1-2 years) and long-range (3-5 years) projections and goal setting. The process normally identifies priorities, sets goals and timelines, and identifies individuals responsible for implementation.

The institution utilizes the results of assessments in a broad-based, continuous planning and evaluation process, and incorporates them into the strategic planning process.

Standards and Evaluative Criteria