Standard 21: J. Library and Learning Resources

Standard 21: J. Library and Learning Resources


Libraries and learning resources are central to the educational process in institutions of higher learning. Convenience to users is a primary concern. Facilities, equipment, supplies, and services adequately support the mission of the institution and the academic programs. In addition, it encourages the faculty members and students to develop spiritually, intellectually, and culturally.

TRACS member schools vary in the number of students, programs, and degree levels, and these variations are directly reflected in the needs of the library and learning resources for each member institution. Member institutions are to include appropriate technology as a part of their libraries and learning resources.

Adequate resources for accreditation purposes are those owned by the institution and supplemented by those available to faculty and students by contracts with third parties. Institutions document that the resources are utilized.

Standards and Evaluative Criteria

The institution provides sufficient and appropriate library and information resources. The institution provides adequate access to these resources and demonstrates their effectiveness in fulfilling its mission. The institution provides instructional and information technology sufficient to support its teaching and learning environment.