Standard 21.1

Standard 21.1


21.1 Furnishes information resources and services and instructional and information technology appropriate to support the institution’s mission, academic programs, and administrative functions through strategic, operational, and financial planning.


Southeastern Library provides academic support to the Institution as it seeks to fulfill its mission, “to train students for church-related ministries.” The Library’s commitment to the institutional mission is illustrated in the Library’s mission statement: “…to enhance the learning experience of our students and to support the faculty and programs of Southeastern by providing adequate and appropriate materials, services, and facilities.”

The Philosophy of Education of Southeastern Free Will Baptist College states, “As a Christian educational institution, SFWBC is committed to providing an educational opportunity where the Christian worldview is emphasized as both a basis for thinking and a pattern for living. The College is committed to developing believers to maturity in Christ. SFWBC holds to the principle that the teaching learning process involves the whole person. This includes developing the students’ knowledge, values, and skills that will enable them to fulfill God’s will for their lives.” The Library supports this by providing both academic resources as well as resources dedicated to spiritual formation, practical Christian living, and discipleship. Additionally, academic support is provided through a variety of resources which both students and faculty can utilize to achieve learning objectives.

Taking into account that a majority of students enrolled at Southeastern are preparing for ministry, a significant portion of the library’s collection supports doctrinal and ministry-oriented curriculum including various viewpoints. The library currently houses a total of 10,962 of volumes, 7,314 of which are cataloged in the area of Religion.

In addition to books and materials to support pastoral studies, the missions department, the business program and teacher education department, a cross-section of secular materials are available. The Librarian has been conducting interviews with Faculty members in an effort to assess support in the various degree programs. These interviews along with assessment of course and program requirements and in the selection of materials that support the various curriculums. The Vertical Files hold articles covering 362 topics of interest from periodicals. This collection is maintained and regularly updated by the Head Librarian.

The Music Resource Room includes 282 catalogued items, including CDs, sheet music, and other resources. CD/DVD players are located in the Music Room for students’ convenience. The Journal of Singing is housed in the Music Resource Room.

The physical resources for the library are housed on the first floor of the two story library building including the circulating collection, reference collection, vertical files, Teacher Education Lab and the Music Resource Room. Also located on the first floor are four study rooms and a copier for student use as well as the reference and circulation desk. The second story of the library houses two study rooms and an area dedicated to archived periodicals that may be used in correlation with the vertical files.

Teacher Education is an important part of the institution; therefore, a Teacher Education Lab is provided to support students in preparing for ministry in the Christian Day School. This area includes Christian Day School curriculums including both Teacher Editions and Student Texts, methods and materials supplies, children’s books, visual aids for all subjects in all elementary grades, Ellison Machine with dies, and educational periodicals to help keep students abreast of current ideas, methods, technology, etc. Also provided is a vertical file that stores articles pertaining to subjects of interest to the Teacher Education student.

To support the Pastoral Studies, Bible, and Missions Departments the strongest area of the library lies in its inventory of Biblical studies, homiletics, sermon preparation resources, materials that train for youth ministry and missions. An adequate selection of church history is among its texts. The facility has in excess of 30 sets of commentaries on its shelves. A TV, VCR, and DVD player are available for students to view videos and DVDs that are on reserve.

Services provided by the library are explained in the Library Handbook found on the college website at

Faculty can place resources for a specific courses on Reserve for their students’ use.

Student Surveys over the past 3 years reflected that 60% of students said they use the library on a regular basis. 91% of students said that the library hours are adequate to meet their needs. 89% agree the library materials are adequate to support their education process.  95% of students agree that the library materials are well organized for speedy access. Students also indicated high satisfaction with the library staff and facilities in providing services and resources that contribute to the completion of assignments.


Exhibits: Holdings by Classification Report

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Exhibit: 2013 Student Survey Results

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