Standard 21.3

Standard 21.3


21.3 Utilizes instructional technology appropriate to its academic mission and the modes of delivery of its academic programs.


Hi speed Wi-Fi is available in the library and throughout the campus to students and faculty. Most classrooms on-campus are set up with video projectors, and Apple TVs which provide effective and efficient instructional delivery. DVD players and overhead projectors are also available. One classroom has a smart board. The Institution uses Populi Course Management system not only for the traditional courses/programs but also for the online courses/programs. The computer lab has 14 student computers, a printer and copier. In the library there are laminating and copying services available as well as labs to review audiovisual materials.


Exhibit: The College Management System, Populi,

Plan of Action:

By the beginning of 2017 Spring Semester Southeastern plans to utilize the Library Module of the Populi College Management System so that local and online students will be able to view and request available resources via the Populi website.