Standard 21.4

Standard 21.4


21.4 Employs an adequate number of professionally qualified staff who administer the institution’s library, information resources/services, and instructional and  information technology support functions.


A qualified Librarian with a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science is contracted for five hours per week. The Librarian is responsible for compliance with TRACS, Library assessment and Strategic Planning. A full-time Library Manager supervises the day-to-day functions. Student assistants work with the Library Manager during the week, and act as building supervisors during the evening and weekend hours. Student workers are an integral part of the library staff. Student assistants check books out and in, replace books on shelves, assist in reading shelves, assist patrons in various areas, and are responsible for the routine cleaning of the facility.

The Librarian with the assistance of the Library Manager is responsible for regularly assessing the needs of the Library. Together, they oversee collection development and collection maintenance. The Library Manager regularly runs reports relating to overdue items and fines, and notifies patrons. Both the Library Manager and the assistants may record fines received. The Library Manager is responsible for reserving any supporting item for individual classes upon request of that professor.

The Library Manager is responsible for assigning patron ID numbers to students, faculty, and staff as well as laminating and distributing Patron Identification Cards. Assigning duties to assistants, cataloging and processing new materials, updating vertical files, ordering needed supplies, and coordinating an annual inventory of materials are among duties of the Library Manager.


Exhibit: Job Descriptions: Library Manager, Student Workers

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