Standard 21.5

Standard 21.5


21.5 Makes available, through ownership or formal arrangements or agreements, library and information resources necessary to fulfill the institution’s mission and objectives which support the academic and research programs and the intellectual development of students, faculty, and staff.


Academic programs are supported by Library resources.  The library contains almost 11,000 print and media volumes. Students have physical access to the library approximately fifty-seven hours per week, with the exception of posted closures due to Chapel, holidays, and special school events.

All local students and faculty have guest access to resources in all Wake County Public Library facilities including full privileges to all printed and electronic materials including ProQuest Religion Database. In addition, Southeastern Theological Baptist Seminary Library which is 17 miles away grants full privileges and access to all of its printed, electronic, and online materials.

All Bible Majors who minor in Pastoral Studies are required to purchase the LOGOS Silver which has 635 biblical and theological resources which are loaded on their computer including 77 sets of Bible commentaries.


Exhibit: Letter from Director of Wendell Public Library

Exhibit: Printed Holdings Report from the Library Manager

Exhibit: Exhibit:  User Services, Southeastern Theological Baptist  Seminary website, services/guests.aspx

Exhibit: Logos Bible Software, Silver Edition; Required Resource: LA331 Beginning Greek I

Appendix K:  Library Handbook 2016-2017,

Plan of Action:

By the beginning of 2017 Spring Semester Southeastern plans to utilize the Library Module of the Populi College Management System so that local and online students will be able to view and request available resources via the Populi website.

By the end of Fall 2017 Semester there are plans to include links to free resources in the Library tab in Populi.