Standard 23.1

Standard 23.1


23.1 Institution has an Emergency Plan which is appropriately posted and published in relevant documents.


The institution outlines the Emergency Plan in the Student Handbook and the Employee Handbook. This section covers the following emergencies:

  • Accidents
  • Weather Emergencies
  • Fire Emergencies

The Institution has an Emergency Notification System that notifies students, staff, and faculty by text in the event of an emergency. The notification gives instruction as to what precautions the Institutional community should take. The Emergency Notification System is Campus Cast provided by Freedom to Learn.

Evacuation routes are posted throughout the campus facilities.


Appendix C: Student Handbook 2016-2017 , pp. 32-33

Appendix F: Employee Handbook 2016, pp. 30-34

Exhibit: Freedom to Learn Invoice

Exhibit: Sample Evacuation route