Standard 23.2

Standard 23.2


23.2 Appropriate security measures are in place for all campus facilities and activities.


The Institution uses a variety of security measures.

  • All common facilities are locked by Maintenance Supervisor and/or his staff each evening.
  • Southeastern’s campus is patrolled by members of Global One Protective Services security company. Southeastern has contracted Global One to patrol 35 hours a week (11:00 pm-4:00 am). These officers do not have arrest authority, but will, when necessary, contact the proper authorities.
  • All dormitories require a 4 number code for entry.
  • Outside lighting throughout campus is effective.
  • In the event of a security emergency, students and employees are advised to contact the authorities (Student Handbook and Employee Handbook).
  • The Dorm Supervisors are available 24 hours a day in the event that resident students need assistance. The Dorm Supervisors will, in turn, notify the proper authority (i.e. Dean of Students, police, ambulance, fire, etc.).
  • The Maintenance Supervisor maintains keys to the campus buildings and rooms. The Dean of Men and Dean of Women issue door codes to the dormitories and keys to the specific dormitory rooms.


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Exhibit: Contract with Global One Protective Services