Standard 23.3

Standard 23.3


23.3 Institution provides for the appropriate medical care (or referral) of students.


Southeastern’s Illness Procedure is as follows:

a. In case of emergencies, students must contact the respective Dean of Men/Dean of Women immediately.

b. Students needing medical attention from a doctor must inform the respective Dean of Men/Dean of Women before and after the visit.

c. Students who take medication regularly must inform the respective Dean about the medication. All prescription medications must be stored in a secure, locked container. 

d. Students must inform the respective Dean concerning personal medical conditions important to the student’s well-being and care. The Dean may request for the student to verify the information in writing, especially as it relates to procedures of special care.

e. Students must properly report class absences because of illness.

f. Dormitory students who are ill must remain in the dormitories. Arrangements for meals will be made.

g.  Southeastern does not offer nor provide for, its students medical insurance.


Exhibit C:  Student Handbook 2016-2017, pp. 32-33, 39