Standard 4.1

Standard 4.1


4.1 Statement of ethical values and standards has been adopted which is

a. Biblically based,

b. Approved by the governing board, and

c. Periodically assessed.


The ethical values of the Institution flow out of the two Great Commandments: Love God – love others, Matthew 22:37-40. The employee’s life should be above reproach.  Southeastern requires certain standards of conduct of all its students. All employees are expected to enthusiastically support and actively abide by these standards of conduct and appearance. Employees are expected to protect the students in their care, fellow employees, and the integrity of the Institution. Behavioral expectations are details in the Faculty Handbook.

The general student conduct expectations are stated on page 9 of the Student Handbook. Students are to be involved in a local church and Christian and community service. Ethical conduct as a student excludes alcohol use, cheating, gambling, illegal drugs, plagiarism, sexual harassment, and firearms. It calls for sexual purity, tolerance, and personal integrity. The Student Handbook details the expectations, disciplinary parameters, due process, grievance, and appeal procedures.

The ethical values and policies regulating behaviors are published in the Institutional handbooks. The handbooks are approved by the governing board.

These Things We Hold Dear … 

  • We value a “conservative” philosophy of dress, music, and entertainment.
  • We value a Christian world view that permeates all our disciplines.
  • We value a theological education that is orthodox in doctrine, fundamental in application, and true to our Free Will Baptist doctrine.
  • We value a thorough preparation for our students for a lifetime of ministry.
  • We value academic excellence and scholastic integrity among our students and our faculty.
  • We value an atmosphere of Biblical preaching and instruction that helps the student in their passion to live for and be like the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We value an education philosophy that not only teaches the theoretical, but the practical as well.
  • We value an environment that promotes spiritual growth and transformation (Eph. 3:16-19).
  • We value globally accessible theological education (Matt. 28:19-20).
  • We value on-going institutional quality and improvement (Col. 3:23-24).
  • We value personal soul-winning and global evangelization.
  • We value self-discipline in our students and faculty.
  • We value the Christian School as an extension of the home and are committed to training quality teachers for this ministry.
  • We value the local church ministry model as taught in the New Testament and teach it diligently to our students.

The most recent review of the Ethical Values was conducted in conjunction with the application to TRACS.


Exhibit: Board of Directors Minutes 2016-04-14:  M/S/C – “To approve the Strategic Long Range Plan.”

Exhibit: Board of Directors Minutes 2016-04-14:  M/S/C– “To apply to the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) and approve the application and supporting documents.”

Appendix B: Catalog 2016-2017, p. 6

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