Standard 4.2

Standard 4.2


4.2 Institution is represented accurately and honestly to students, to the public, and to TRACS.


General Information, Website, and Publications

General Information: The general information contained in the Catalog, handbooks, publications, and website promotes the Institution as a distinctly Christian institution of higher education. The contents of the various publications and media (See video links on the web) are compiled by the personnel and students involved in that area of the Institution. The Director of Development has been designated to edit copy to enhance communication and to protect the Institution’s role in higher education. Major publications are presented by the administrator responsible for the area involved and reviewed by the Administrative Committee as items of information. As noted in the previous Standards, the Catalog and handbooks are reviewed and approved by the governing board.

Student Right to Know Information: The website is used to display the various aspects of the Institution to the general public. The stakeholders of the Institution can use the different tabs to find more information concerning the academic programs, faculty and staff, athletics, admissions, etc. The “About” tab links to the Institution’s mission, philosophy of education, President’s greeting, what we believe, and accreditation.

Veterans Administration: The Institution is approved by the State Accrediting Agency to offer training to eligible veterans and other persons under the provision of Section 1775 (a) (1), USC 38. Approval has been given for training of students under the War Orphans Educational Assistance Act and for the training of foreign students.


Exhibit: Institution website

Appendix B: Catalog 2016-2017

Appendix C: Student Handbook 2016-2017

Appendix D: Faculty Handbook 2016-2017

Appendix E: Board Manual 2016