Standard 6.1

Standard 6.1


6.1 Board is the legally constituted body that holds the institution in trust and has final authority in matters of policy, operation, and evaluation.

a. Board functions within the parameters of the institution’s constitution, articles of incorporation, or bylaws, and follows the governing board manual or handbook.

b. Board has a minimum of five voting members with

i. no more than one member as a paid employee of the institution, and

ii. no voting member having a familial relationship with the chair of the board or chief executive officer of the institution.

c. Chief executive officer does not serve as the chair of the governing board,or any of its committees.


The Board of Directors of Southeastern is legally constituted and directed by the Institutional Bylaws that give the governing board final authority in matters of policy, operation, and evaluation.  The “Southeastern Free Will Baptist College Constitution and Bylaws” defines the function and operations of the governing board.  The Board Manual is provided to each member of the governing board.  It contains the foundational documents of the Institution, the Bylaws, Operations Policies, general information, and employee regulations.  It also contains the evaluation procedures and forms for the evaluation of the governing board as a whole, a member self-evaluation, and the evaluation of the Institutional President.

The Board of Directors consists of 12 members; 7 are permanent members and 5 are rotating members serving 3 year terms and can succeed themselves once. One member of the Board, a pastor, is paid as a part-time instructor. No voting member is a relative of the Board Chair or the President (CEO) of the Institution. The President does not chair the Board or any committees of the Board. The President is, however, a voting member of the board.


Exhibit: Articles of Incorporation

Appendix A: Bylaws

Appendix E: Board Manual 2016

Plan of Action:

The President has been informed that he cannot be a voting member of the Board of Directors.