Standard 6.9

Standard 6.9


6.9 Clear distinction exists between the policy-making functions of the board and the role of administration to carry out such policies.


The Board of Trustees of the Institution operates within the bounds set by the Bylaws:


4.01 This corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors which shall have the management and final settlement of financial and business matters, educational program and physical facilities.

4.03 The Board of Directors shall:

(A) Be responsible for the employment of the college president and administration and their termination, if deemed necessary.

(B) Be responsible to determine basic policies of the school, to give general direction in the carrying out of these policies, and to exercise control through the President, who is the executive officer of the college.

(C) Elect the President and administrative officers and approve members of the faculty upon the recommendation of the President.

(D) Be responsible for the conservation and development of financial resources and exercise control over major physical changes and development, investments, budgets, charges and tuition fees.

(E) Authorize the curricular programs of the school in cooperation with the administrative officers and faculty.

(F) Act as a nominating committee.


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