Standard 7.2

Standard 7.2


7.2 Constitution or Bylaws give the chief executive officer the authority to fulfill the tasks defined in the written job description as the person responsible for carrying out published board policies and procedures.


The Bylaws give the President (CEO) the authority to oversee the operations and personnel of the Institution (Article 6). The Job Description for the President has been written but has not been approved by the Board of Directors.


6.01 The president shall be a man of Christian stature and integrity. He shall be in complete accord with the objectives of the college with a Bible College philosophy of education. He shall be an able executive motivated by the spirit of service; an impartial administrator who commands the respect of colleagues, benefactors and students.

6.02 The President shall be the administrative head of the school under the direction of the Board of Directors. He shall be the sole official channel of communication between the professional staff and the Board of Directors.


Exhibit: President Job Description

Appendix 1: Bylaws, pp. 5,6