Standard 7.5

Standard 7.5


7.5 Other qualified administrative personnel and leadership team members are sufficient in number and competence to give direction to the major operational areas of the institution.


The Institution has an experienced leadership team to oversee its major operational areas.  The senior administrators average almost 10 years of higher education experience and 7 graduate degrees. The senior administrators include the following:  President, M.M.; Academic Dean, Ph.D., Ed.S.; Director of Student Life, M.Div. (Ph.D. Candidate); Business Manager, M.B.A., Dean of Students, (M.A. Candidate); Director of Development (M.S. Candidate and 15 years of pastoral experience. The President, Academic Dean, and Dean of Students are all full-time positions. Additional administrative personnel include experienced and qualified administrative professionals who serve as Registrar and Librarian.


Exhibit: Organizational Chart

Appendix H: Instructional Staff Listing (ISL)