Standard 8.1

Standard 8.1


8.1 Support staff is sufficient in number and competence to adequately support the administrative, academic, and support functions of the institution.


The support staff for the Institution is composed of 8 full-time and 3 part-time employees, who hold administrative responsibilities across the various functions of the Institution. Due to the small size of the Institution, these staff members may combine more than one task or serve as faculty with additional responsibility. The academic positions Registrar is listed with the faculty. All of the jobs listed have some level of supervisory responsibility with students, personnel, service, technology, and/or reporting.

Administration Assistant:

Runs the day-to-day operations, manages student files, and is the Office Manager. She serves as an assistant to the President, Academic Dean and Registrar. She is the primary receptionist and serves as syllabi collector and Self-Study Editor. She is in her 16th year at this position.

Food Service Manager

Plans and supervises preparation of meals. Oversees the Campus Corner (student activity/coffee shop) and college bookstore. He has been in this position 14 years

Business Manager Assistant:

Operates as bookkeeper and collects student tuition. She also does day-to-day functions as directed by the Business Manager. She has been here 4 years.

Student Life Assistant

Assists Director of Student Life in coordination of co-curricular events. Collects Student Christian Service reports. She has served 1 ½ years in this position.

Development Staff:

1. Director of Development: In charge of public relations, fund-raising and student recruitment. Is also responsible for publications and the website. He has been in this position just under 1 year.

2. Promotional Assistant. Aids in scheduling and coordinating services for the promotional groups, assists in student recruiting, publications and social media. She has been in this position 3 1/2 years.


1. Dean of Students: Supervises student affairs and disciplinary actions. Is responsible editing and discrimination of Student Handbook. He has been in this position 9 years.

2. Deans of Men and Women: Responsible for students in regard to dorm life, conduct and dress code. Generally, the first line of disciplinary action. They have each been in those positions 2 years.

3. Dorm Supervisors: Live in an apartment attached the dormitories and is in charge of student behavior in the dorms. Also is responsible to watch over the campus in the evening and weekends on a rotating basis.

Photography and Yearbook:

1. Photographer and Yearbook Supervisor: Responsible for photos of school events and supervision of design and printing of the college yearbook, The DoulosShe has served in this position for 8 years.


1. Maintenance Director: Responsible for maintenance and general plant operation. He has served in this position for 1 ½ years.

2.Outdoor Maintenance: Responsible for trimming of grass and general landscaping of the campus. He has served in this position for 23 years.


Exhibit: Organizational Chart

Appendix B: Catalog 2016-2017, p. 54