Standard 9.3

Standard 9.3


9.3 Are current, clear, factually accurate, and consistent with each other, whether in print or electronic form.


The policies and procedures contained in the Catalog and Institutional handbooks are constantly reviewed by the staff and updated as needed for consistency. These are posted with the last revision date and helps insure consistency across the publications. The completed publications are dated and then turned into PDF documents to insure that any print and electronic versions are produced at the same time. Publications are reviewed and edited for clarity, consistency, and accuracy.


Exhibit: Institution website

Appendix B: Catalog 2016-2017 

Appendix C: Student Handbook 2016-2017 

Appendix D: Faculty Handbook 2016-2017 

Appendix E: Board Manual 2016

Appendix G: Strategic Long Range Plan

Appendix K: Library Manual 2016-2017