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2017 Music Conference

2017 Music Conference

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Instructional Workshops for Pastors, Music Ministers,

Sound & Media Technicians, Accompanists, Instrumentalists,

Choir Members, & Church members.

Below is a sampling of some of the sessions.

  • Choral Reading Sessions with Sam Harris
  • One-on-one Piano and/or Voice Lessons
  • Attend Faith Church Choir rehearsal and service
  • “Congregational Conducting” by Kevin Denton
  • “Children’s Music for the Church” by Susan Denton
  • “Stage Presence and Delivery- Does it REALLY Matter?” by Kevin Denton
  • “The Accompanist Team” by Terri Siebert
  • “Sound Session” by Mike Dunn AVCON Productions
  • “Starting an Orchestra” by Kevin Denton
  • “The Pastor’s Perspective” by  Josh Baer
  • “Shepherding the Church Choir” by Kevin Denton

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Full Registration: $50 (Includes sessions, meals, and choral music packet)

Associate Registration: $25 (Includes sessions and meals)

Pay Online (Select Music Conference)

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